Top 10 Best Xbox 360 Games

The XBox 360 is one of the widely bought gaming consoles. Here is a list of the top ten games for the Xbox 360.

The console war is heating up like never before. With the advent and adaptation of cutting edge technology, the consoles can today give the best of entertainment to the player. However, no console would have been as famous if there weren’t the pathbreaking titles that made full use of the console’s features.

Here is a short list of the top ten XBox 360 games.

‘Gears of War’ is a game that has routed the opposition. The game is a collaboration of Epic Games and Microsoft Games, and the two gaming companies have come out with a wicked winner featuring outstanding graphics, intriguing game play, and astounding sound effects. The game has the player as a former soldier who has been branded a traitor and has therefore been locked up. However, the soldier is not released to fight a new enemy of humanity and civilization – Locust. Though the game has a small number of the common weapons in any third-person or over-the- shoulder shooter, it has some weapons which are guaranteed to give the player more bang for the buck. Players can not only shoot with the weapons, they can also be used as melee weapons when the enemy is at a close range.

As far as tactical shooters go, Rainbow Six has always been a name to reckon with. So, when Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas for the Xbox 360 came out in stores, it was evident it would be one of the best games for the Xbox. Rainbow Six Vegas is based in Las Vegas, where a three-man army has to curtail the antics of terrorists after they start attacking the casinos in Vegas for some unknown reason. The reasons, however, has connections with an operation in Mexico which has gone bad.

Guitar Hero II’ for the XBox once again proves that computer gaming is not only about killing, maiming or saving the world once over again. The game’s concept, music, and playability make it one of the best games for the Xbox. It features added content and updated song list for the Xbox version. With some minor changes in the interface, the songs list include songs from ‘Rolling Stones’, ‘Aerosmith’ and others. ‘Guitar Hero II’ also has some original soundtracks.

Call of Duty 2′ is the critically acclaimed sequel to ‘Call of Duty’. The game is set during the second world war. The game was the fastest selling game in its first week of release, selling over 250,000 titles.

Saints Row’ has been hailed as the next level of the Grand Theft Auto excitement. The game features the player as a new recruit into a street gang, and he has to rise on the ladder of crime and success. The game features an action shooter, racing as well as a hand-to- hand combat game feel.

Dead Rising’ is another controversial game by Capcom for the Xbox 360. The intense playability of the game makes it one of the best games for Xbox. The game features the adventures of Frank West, a photojournalist, who unwittingly finds himself trapped in a zombie infested fictional city, ‘Willamete’ in Colorado. The game is as violent and bloody as any of the previous Campcom titles.

Another unique game for the XBox 360 is ‘Enchanted Arms’. The game is a science fiction role-playing game for the Xbox 360. The game features the adventures of two students who are learning to be enchanters or magicians.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat’ is one of the best games for the Xbox 360. The game features updated graphics, gameplay and many other updated features. The Xbox features three new maps, new vehicles, and better gameplay.

Test Drive Unlimited’ is an arcade style racing game for the XBox 360. It has over one hundred licensed cars and motorcycles, supported with about a thousand miles of terrain devised from the Hawaiian islands. Satellite imaging has been used to create the world in this racing game. Some of the models in the game are Chevrolet, Ford, Ferrari, Maserati and Lotus.

Lego: Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy’ makes the grade of the top ten games for the Xbox simply due to its concept. Marry the concept of the Star Wars world with Lego building blocks. Everything in the game is made up of LEGO bricks and gives a humorous touch to the Star Wars storyline.

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