Rugby Union – The Most Popular Game in New Zealand

New Zealanders are very sporty people love to get behind their favorite team and support them. They try to involve and enjoy every game played around. Some of the most popular sports played in New Zealand are cricket, rugby, basketball, netball and soccer. These are the game played in the commonwealth of nation countries.

All of these sports have different rules, aims and players, but one thing that is common among these games is the excitement to watch them and their unpredictability, which made them worth watching. It’s always a good feeling when your teams win, which make the whole experience even better. Here we will talk about the Rugby union the most followed sports in New Zealand. 

Rugby union is one of the most popular games followed by all age groups, races and sectors in New Zealand. NZRU is the current governing body of the New Zealand’s Rugby union. It was founded in the late 1892 and later get affiliated to the governing body of the rugby union for the world known as the World Rugby.

The governing body of rugby union in New Zealand (i.e. NZR) has the main objective to promote the rugby throughout the New Zealand. They arrange the trial and international rugby matches in overseas and in New Zealand for the team. New Zealand national team includes All blacks, Maori All Blacks, Junior All Blacks, Sevens, Black ferns and Under 19s. New Zealand provisional team for Rugby include Auckland, southland, Wellington, Northland, Bay of Plenty, North Harbour etc. 

All Black

All blacks New Zealands national rugby team representing the nation and are one of the best rugby team in the world. They are rated higher among the best in over 100 years. Their Name and slogan “all black playing” strip has become pretty famous worldwide among the rugby and non-Rugby fans. The first ever tour of the New Zealand rugby team was to the new south wales. They have set up the record of eight wins in eight matches and thereafter played their first match at home, against Wellington XV.

The person who had the lead role in winning the all eight matches in Australia was served with the title of All Black No. 1. Again in 1893 team the first official selected NZ rugby team was sent on a tour of Australia where they had lost only one watch to New South wales. In 1894 they got their first home match, unluckily which they had lost by two points.

Later this year they register their first home town victory against the visiting team Queensland. In New Zealand Rugby’s history the tour of their national team to UK, North America and France are considered as the most important one, as they had only lost a single match during this time period. All black got famous in the early 20th century and now they are known as “the Originals”. 

In 1924-1925 the team has visited the UK, Canada and France. Going one better team had won all the match and earn the nickname as “Invincible”. The first ever Rugby world cup hosted by New Zealand and Australia in 1987 was won by the All blacks. New Zealand is the current chamipon Of Webb Ellis trophy and had won the two most recent world cups of 2011 and 2015.

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